A Goldfish Dreamland – The Special Exhibition: Edo Goldfish Wonderland officially opens on July 1st.

Starting July 1st, Sumida Aquarium, located in Tokyo Skytree, will hold a 3-month special exhibition: Edo Goldfish Wonderland. What are some of the intriguing features in this special exhibition filled with a summer festive atmosphere?

Special exhibition of goldfish filled with a overflowing sense of Japan.

The venue of Edo Goldfish Wonderland was rebuilt from the Edo-rium area in the hall. The area is 100 meters in length and requires 31 fish tanks. With a variety of up to 23 kinds of goldfish, there are up to 1000 goldfish in total.  In the venue, 500 chimes are played to make clear and cool music on the Edo chime balcony. ‘Goldfish’s secret’ includes a variety of gold fish and shows their life cycle, a hands-on workshop for children to make paper goldfish and other activities making it suitable for children of all ages.

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Via すみだ水族館

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Cooperation between Japanese-style lighting and Hyakudan Kaidan Exhibition.

In the venue, a collaboration between Meguro Gajoen and Hyakudan Kaidan (a hundred stairs) allows everyone to see a gorgeously lit exhibition above each fish tank. 150 goldfish lanterns and 150 Plover lanterns are hung along the ceiling. It feels like a Japanese summer festival with the specific lighting, the fish tanks, and adorable goldfish, doesn’t it?

Viaリセマム http://resemom.jp/article/img/2016/05/19/31549/134578.html


A special menu with food that allows you to bring the fish bowl home?

The dessert menu for the exhibition provides a drink, goldfish soda, which is designed to look like a goldfish bowl. After, you can even bring home the goldfish glass home. Other options, like a goldfish cocktail and goldfish soft-serve ice cream, which is red grape flavour, are also worth trying.

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Edo Goldfish Wonderland

Via Find Travel http://find-travel.jp/article/24361

Via Find Travel

Duration: 2016, July 1st to September 30th
Address: 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0045, Japan

Exhibition website




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