Daichi-ji Temple in Shiga Prefecture – Incredibly Beautiful view of Japanese- style garden.

Daichi-ji Temple, located in Minakuchi, Shiga Prefecture, is a quiet place surrounded by a hilly terrain and pools. This area is also known as Nasaka Daichi-ji Temple Nature Park.

Precious cultural attraction located in the Shiga Prefecture.

Back in Heian period, 1200 years ago, traveling monks from each country came to this place and realized local farmers were troubled by a daylight issue, so they dug four pools in the area and built Daichi-ji Temple, which we still enjoy, today.

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Hourai garden that you can’t miss!

Designed by a legendary Japanese garden designer, Kobori Enshu, Hourai garden is the most famous spectacle at the Daichi-ji Temple. It based on a  treasure ship sailing the ocean. Azalea flowers are brilliantly trimmed to look like waves, which is how it received the name of Hourai. Each early summer, if you look out from the study room in the garden, you can see an unforgettable view of Azalea flowers in the bushes. In the fall, fully-blossomed maple leaves are red and show the beauty of the quiet surroundings.

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Are there other spectacles?

In the garden a 350 years old ‘Crouching Dragon’ pine tree continues to flourish. It is known for a 90 degree dragon-like bend. There is also ‘Sukinkutsu’ which is the representative of traditional Japanese culture. Listen to the water flow quietly here to wash away troubles and unhappiness.

Address: 1168, Minakuchicho Nasaka, Koka-shi, Shiga, 528-0035, Japan
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