The Five Desserts You Must Try in Tokyo’s Department Stores.

Tokyo’s department stores are not just for shopping. Don’t miss the underground food courts. Five exquisite desserts for you to enjoy.

Everyone who’s been to Japan knows that their department stores are not just great for shopping in, but also for eating in. Today, I want to share with you the five best desserts you can enjoy at food courts in Japanese department stores.

Frederic Cassel – Ginza Mitukoshi

Via: 共同通信PRワイヤー http://prw.kyodonews.jp/opn/release/201009291892/

Via: 共同通信PRワイヤー

From a small town just outside of Paris comes a dessert from the multi-award-winning Frederic Cassel. After winning the Best Millefeuille Award, Cassel set his eyes on Japan with his signature desert, the ‘Napoleon Cake’. The tasty treat has won much praise for its crisp pastry and vanilla custard made from the the finest vanilla plants carefully cultivated on the island of Tahiti. Once you start eating these heavenly treats you will not want to stop.

Frederic Cassel


Quatre – Tokyu Department Store

Via: 海辺でひとりごと。 http://shore134.exblog.jp/19197928

Via: 海辺でひとりごと。

Quatre opened its first store in Meguro, Takinokizaka and immediately made waves with its ‘Smiling Pudding’. The smooth, delicious pudding is packaged inside a real egg shell and topped with cute fruit, and cream decorations. The bite-sized desserts are then packaged in an egg carton. The creative packaging makes them a perfect gift and it is bound to bring a smile to the face of whoever receives it. Quatre has 10 stores in Kantou, so buying this treat is an easy way to make someone’s day.

Patisserie Francaise Quatre


Hollandische Kakao-Stube – Shinjuku Iseten

Via: roomie(ルーミー) http://www.roomie.jp/2012/06/10427/

Via: roomie(ルーミー)

Revered German dessert maker Hollandische Kakao-Stube is best known for rich, full-bodied baumkuchen cake and its chocolate melaleuca cake tower. These aromatic desserts, aside from being delicious, are also famous for the delicate craftsmanship that goes into them and their exquisite packaging, which is second to none. Next time you are thinking about what to give a fellow chocolate lover, don’t go past these delights from Deutschland.

Hollandische Kakao-Stube


Factory Shin – Sogo Seibu Shinjuku

Via: Konanakko http://konanakko.blog39.fc2.com/blog-entry-211.html

Via: Konanakko

Milk Cake Rolls are known as the ‘one thing you must buy in Kobe’, and it is said the only Milk Cake Rolls in Kansai that can compete with them are from Osaka. Now, you can enjoy them in Tokyo and not just milk cakes! The chefs at Factory Shin are renowned for their insistence on quality as they produce some of Tokyo’s finest puddings, cheesecakes, and small desserts. If you have the chance, make sure you walk into their store.

Factory Shin


Neues – Ebisu Mitsukoshi

Via: Yelp http://www.yelp.co.jp/biz_photos/%E3%83%8E%E3%82%A4%E3%82%A8%E3%82%B9-%E6%B8%AF%E5%8C%BA?select=XLgBXbnGh6AA4v5WurWtOA

Via: Yelp

Neues is famous for its eponymous, rich, thick cheesecake. Made by head chef Takahiko Nozawa. Its simple white presentation and melt-in-your-mouth goodness have made it a favorite among women. Neues has a store in the Goethe Institute in Akazaka, Tokyo, which shows how confident they are that Neues can compete with anything from Europe.





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